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A Little About Us

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Welcome to our Island Airporter transportation service.  We offer weekday (Monday - Friday), one-way or round-trip, non-stop transportation between San Juan Island, Lopez Island (from Lopez to SeaTac only) and SeaTac Airport. Reservations are required.


No shuttle service on the following days:

*All Saturdays & Sundays

*July 4th & 5th

*Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving

*December 25th & 26th

*December 31 & January 1st


All weekday departures start with Priority Boarding at the Friday Harbor Terminal for the early morning, first ferry of the day. Use of the HOV lane on I-5 helps us to avoid some of the Seattle traffic to make our scheduled arrival times. We do not make any stops between the Anacortes Ferry Terminal and SeaTac Airport.

****Reservations and card payments are available online. Reservations are still available by phone also. 360-378-7438****

Roundtrip reservations will have to be reserved for ea day individually if done online.


 Our schedule is based off of the ferry schedule.  

Optimal flight times leaving SeaTac Airport are 11:00 or later.

Flights coming in need to land by 10:30 am to catch our shuttle at SeaTac.


***New Fall Schedule***

starts September 23rd thru December 28th.

Roche Harbor pickup: 4:50 a.m. by hotel.

Friday Harbor: 5:15 a.m. across from ferry dock.

Lopez Island: 6:15 a.m. walk onto boat before the cars.

SeaTac Airport: 11:45 outside door 2 or 00 past the international baggage carousels in the baggage claim level of the airport.

Please see below for current schedule

​Departure Times and Locations:


Roche Harbor – Our shuttle departs each scheduled weekday at approximately 4:45 am arriving at SeaTac airport by approximately

9:30 am.  Reservations are required.


Where to Meet at Roche Harbor: Outside Hotel de Haro in the taxi parking area

Friday Harbor5:05 am pickup. Our shuttle departs each scheduled weekday on the 5:35 am ferry (departure times schedule to change based on WSF Schedule changes).  Our estimated arrival at SeaTac Airport by approximately 9:30 am. Reservations are required. Walk ups only if there is availability.


Where to meet in Friday Harbor:   We are in the bus zone going down the hill (Granny Way) to the left of lane 1 where the cars are waiting for the ferry.  Across the street from the Salty Fox Coffee Shop. Across from the ferry terminal.


Lopez Island – Pick up time is 6:05 am for the early 6:15 am ferry. Walk on and meet our van at the front of the ferry before the cars load on.  If you need assistance with your luggage let us know when you make your reservation. Reservations are required.


SeaTac Airport – Departs each weekday by 11:05 am to catch the 2:00 pm ferry to Friday Harbor.  Arrival times in Friday Harbor vary depending on WSF scheduled departures.  The ferry ride from Anacortes to Friday Harbor is 1 hour 5 minutes.  Arrival at Roche Harbor is about 25 minutes after unloading the ferry.


Where to Meet at SeaTac Airport: Outside of Door 00 or Door 2 at the south end of baggage claim. After leaving the airline terminals, take a right at the bottom of the escalator (or stairs) on the baggage claim level. These doors are just past the international arrivals on the baggage claim level.

$70.00 ea.  Friday Harbor to SeaTac Airport (one way)


$70.00 ea. Lopez Island to SeaTac Airport (one way)


$80.00 ea. Roche Harbor to SeaTac Airport (one way)

$80.00 ea. SeaTac Airport to Friday Harbor - This price includes the ferry ride.  Our shuttle takes you onto the ferry and directly to Friday Harbor. 

$90.00 ea SeaTac Airport to Roche Harbor - This price includes the ferry ride. Our shuttle takes you onto the ferry directly to Friday Harbor then we drive you to Roche Harbor from there.

$70.00 ea SeaTac Airport to Anacortes ferry dock to catch the Lopez ferry. This price does not include the ferry ride.  

Age 18 & Under from SeaTac to Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor & Lopez will be the same price as going to the airport.  

2 suitcases & 1 carry on per person are included in price. $10 per suitcase after that. Only 2 extra suitcases allowed per person.  Over 2 extra bags you will need to pay for an additional seat because of limited luggage space.


$10 for use of our carseats or booster seats. No fee if you bring your own.

**The drop off point for Friday Harbor passengers is at the Community Theater/Playhouse parking lot behind the courthouse**

**The drop off point for Roche Harbor passengers is next to the Hotel de Haro in the taxi parking area**


Please leave a review on our Review/Comment page if you were pleased with your ride with us. We'd love to hear from you!



There will be a $20 cancellation fee per person per ride (if round trip). Your card is charged at the time the reservation is made.

We can also offer credit for within 4 months of your cancellation if you choose to ride with us within that time.



Call 360-378-7438 or use the book online tab to make your reservations today! 


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